Monthly Archives: June 2012

Where ya been?


My goal was to keep up with this blog, to keep family & friends informed.  I have failed.  While I blame myself, obviously, I also blame my ultra slow internet speed.  Oh how I wish I was able to have wifi… but here I am, tucked back in the woods, surfing the web with satelite internet.  Sigh.

A lot has happened since I was here last.  We’ve had Christmas, a few birthdays, reasearched our family line & met family we’d never met (AMAZING EXPERIENCE), attended a BEAUTIFUL wedding, signed up for kindergarten {uglycry}, and added a few additions the the family.  No, no… no babies.  Just chickens! 

I could sit and type a post for hours, bringing you up to speed.  I’ll spare you the novel and show you via some pictures!