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Hey there, I'm Tabitha & this is my little outlet from my busy world. I'm an avid crafter/DIY'er & hope to update along the way my projects, ideas, daily ramblings & our house as it transforms into a home we love. Just one question... Ain't Life Sweet???

Where ya been?


My goal was to keep up with this blog, to keep family & friends informed.  I have failed.  While I blame myself, obviously, I also blame my ultra slow internet speed.  Oh how I wish I was able to have wifi… but here I am, tucked back in the woods, surfing the web with satelite internet.  Sigh.

A lot has happened since I was here last.  We’ve had Christmas, a few birthdays, reasearched our family line & met family we’d never met (AMAZING EXPERIENCE), attended a BEAUTIFUL wedding, signed up for kindergarten {uglycry}, and added a few additions the the family.  No, no… no babies.  Just chickens! 

I could sit and type a post for hours, bringing you up to speed.  I’ll spare you the novel and show you via some pictures!




Road Trip…


I’m currently in the beautiful Low Country of South Carolina.  Beaufort to be exact.  There’s nothing better than sitting on the back porch drinking coffee, looking at Half Moon Creek on the Whale Branch River.  These are the moments I’m very thankful for…. as well as family (of course).  My hunny was born and raised here, which means lots of visits squeezed into a few days.

My lovely sister-in-law, Mary, and I decided to run to Downtown Beaufort to check out some of my favorite shops before Black Friday.  I’m so glad I went, there have been a few new stores since our last visit.  One store REALLY caught my eye, “M Home”.

Walking into the store I was welcomed by an array of ornaments ranging from whales to mushrooms.  All had a new spin whether it was glitter or cloth, they were all lovely & wanted to come home with me…but I had to peel myself away from them.  This place had some much going on (in a good way).  There were tons of mercury glass votive in a rainbow of colors, ceramic animals that were wall mounted, a beautiful Ikat print, vintage bicycle rims turned wall sconces, rustic serving trays, and lots of other eye goodies.  I was in love with that store.  I snapped a few pictures before leaving. *Please excuse my skank pictures, I’m still waiting on the Nikon from Santa*

My first thought when I saw that rhino – Young House Love!

This was a GORGEOUS white-washed driftwood star {swoon}

This little fella is a bottle top opener made from a bicycle chain… which also screamed YHL.

I had to keep my hands behind my back, or else I would have sprinted walked out of there with maxed out credit cards.

We shopped around for a little bit more, and then I found myself a little knee-high Beyonce, but restrained from buying her (after reading this post, I look for them every time I shop – which there are lots of these fellas out there!).

It’s not as awesome as the original, but it still needs a home!

SO far I’ve had a wonderful Thanksgiving-Eve.  I’m looking forward to the Beef Stew my father-in-law has on the stove, and the sunset over the river is breathtaking (which you can’t see, because I don’t own a Nikon yet – is the horse dead that I keep beating?).  Thanksgiving will also be fab… I can’t wait to see more family & of course enjoy a huge plate of food.  Happy Thanksgiving Ya’ll!


Tab ❤

Time flies when you’re havin’ fun…


You hear all your life from older, wiser people (at the time you thought they were crazy) how fast life flies by.  Now that I’m a bit older, and slightly wiser (I have a so much to learn), I realize they were right…sigh.  All that being said, this post has to do with one of my two little ones.  It’s been bittersweet watching them grow, but it stings when the realization finally hits that they are in fact getting older.

My youngest, Kelsey, turned 3 this past Sunday.  I remember the day she was born like it was yesterday.  She was just as stubborn then as she is now.  She’s overly dramatic and girly to the extreme.  She’s my heart and soul & I’m thankful everyday for her (and my son too, of course).  Life wouldn’t be as funny, stressful, hectic, outrageous or full of 2% milk without her in it (yes, 2%… I think we’ve hit a gallon/week capita and should own half of the industry by now, my child has a major addiction).  Thank you God for this sweet child.

With that being said, she had a wonderful Hello Kitty birthday party surrounded by family & friends.  I spent WAY too much time making decorations, cupcake stands, goodie bags, tissue paper poofs, cake pops (I’m pretty sure they’re the devil) & foood.  I tried making Hello Kitty cake pops, but that is a post all its own (seriously, I hate you cake pops). 

Unfortunately, unless someone sends me pictures or tags me on Facebook – I don’t have any pictures from the party.  Camera – charger = no memories & a terrible mother.  Oh Nikon D3000, how I long for you.  Anyone want to take me shopping??  No?  Yah, didn’t think so.  But you can’t blame a gal for trying! 

Wait, I lied… I do have a few shots from the party.  One of the guests was a friend named Erika.  She owns Sealed in Time Photography and was sweet enough to let me post those pictures here. 

A special thanks to all that came out to help us celebrate – she’s very happy with her new babies & lovely Hello Kitty apparel.  Thanks to our family in SC for the gifts as well. 



ps:  I’m serious about the camera shopping, just in case someone was really thinking about taking me 😉



I’m such a slacker.  I was all gung-ho about joining the Pintrest Challenge along with Sherry & Katie B.  I knew what I was going to make, in fact I DID make it (cupcake stand, balloon wreath, chalkboard picture frames – I’ve been ubber busy with crafts, really!).  I however can’t find my camera charger.  Which means no pictures, which again means no Pintrest Challenge.  Le sigh. 

One of these days I’ll get it together.  Maybe Santa has a new Nikon for me??? If not… then I hope you’re reading this Mom & Dad {coughbirthdaycough}.  Just sayin’.

On another note, we sold our Tahoe.  Yay and boo all at the same time.  On one hand we are estatic to be out of a high payment and get to enjoy saving money again, on the other we are without a mom-car for me.  We’ve been looking, everyday.  Calling people, dealerships, friends who attend auctions.  We aren’t sure what we want.  I would LOVE a mini-van (Honda Odyssey), but it’s unrealistic because we just don’t want to pay the $$ to get one with lower miles.  So for now, we are looking.  Constantly.  Fingers crossed we find something we can all enjoy!

I have a glass of wine calling my name… well it was until I drank it all.  Refill anyone?



Hello World!


I’ve been wanting to join the blogging community for quite some time now, but sitting down to actually start has posed a challenge for me! With two little ones, 3 furballs, a fulltime job, a husband (who is enjoying the start of deer season), a new home with lots of remodeling, painting & decorating – there hasn’t been an ounce of free time! Until now…

I’ve decided to make my blog a priority. I’ll be using this blog to keep family and friends informed on the happenings of the Gollihugh Family, a place to watch our house evolve into our dream home; as well as watching our two little ones grow!

So here it is, in all the glory I could muster this evening when I started this blog about our life… the ups & downs, and crazy turns of our beautiful life.

Aint life sweet?

xox, Tabitha

The Gollihugh's