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Time flies when you’re havin’ fun…


You hear all your life from older, wiser people (at the time you thought they were crazy) how fast life flies by.  Now that I’m a bit older, and slightly wiser (I have a so much to learn), I realize they were right…sigh.  All that being said, this post has to do with one of my two little ones.  It’s been bittersweet watching them grow, but it stings when the realization finally hits that they are in fact getting older.

My youngest, Kelsey, turned 3 this past Sunday.  I remember the day she was born like it was yesterday.  She was just as stubborn then as she is now.  She’s overly dramatic and girly to the extreme.  She’s my heart and soul & I’m thankful everyday for her (and my son too, of course).  Life wouldn’t be as funny, stressful, hectic, outrageous or full of 2% milk without her in it (yes, 2%… I think we’ve hit a gallon/week capita and should own half of the industry by now, my child has a major addiction).  Thank you God for this sweet child.

With that being said, she had a wonderful Hello Kitty birthday party surrounded by family & friends.  I spent WAY too much time making decorations, cupcake stands, goodie bags, tissue paper poofs, cake pops (I’m pretty sure they’re the devil) & foood.  I tried making Hello Kitty cake pops, but that is a post all its own (seriously, I hate you cake pops). 

Unfortunately, unless someone sends me pictures or tags me on Facebook – I don’t have any pictures from the party.  Camera – charger = no memories & a terrible mother.  Oh Nikon D3000, how I long for you.  Anyone want to take me shopping??  No?  Yah, didn’t think so.  But you can’t blame a gal for trying! 

Wait, I lied… I do have a few shots from the party.  One of the guests was a friend named Erika.  She owns Sealed in Time Photography and was sweet enough to let me post those pictures here. 

A special thanks to all that came out to help us celebrate – she’s very happy with her new babies & lovely Hello Kitty apparel.  Thanks to our family in SC for the gifts as well. 



ps:  I’m serious about the camera shopping, just in case someone was really thinking about taking me 😉