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Where ya been?


My goal was to keep up with this blog, to keep family & friends informed.  I have failed.  While I blame myself, obviously, I also blame my ultra slow internet speed.  Oh how I wish I was able to have wifi… but here I am, tucked back in the woods, surfing the web with satelite internet.  Sigh.

A lot has happened since I was here last.  We’ve had Christmas, a few birthdays, reasearched our family line & met family we’d never met (AMAZING EXPERIENCE), attended a BEAUTIFUL wedding, signed up for kindergarten {uglycry}, and added a few additions the the family.  No, no… no babies.  Just chickens! 

I could sit and type a post for hours, bringing you up to speed.  I’ll spare you the novel and show you via some pictures!




Hello World!


I’ve been wanting to join the blogging community for quite some time now, but sitting down to actually start has posed a challenge for me! With two little ones, 3 furballs, a fulltime job, a husband (who is enjoying the start of deer season), a new home with lots of remodeling, painting & decorating – there hasn’t been an ounce of free time! Until now…

I’ve decided to make my blog a priority. I’ll be using this blog to keep family and friends informed on the happenings of the Gollihugh Family, a place to watch our house evolve into our dream home; as well as watching our two little ones grow!

So here it is, in all the glory I could muster this evening when I started this blog about our life… the ups & downs, and crazy turns of our beautiful life.

Aint life sweet?

xox, Tabitha

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